The Temporary Aviary
The Frame
Ventilation Panels
Mounting Perches
Finishing Touches



The Finishing Touches

Aviary Trim


Finally, the aviary was pretty much completed. The only things remaining were the little details that would make the aviary a more inviting place. First, the outlet door was created by screwing a spare piece of painted wood to the wall, covering access to the outlet and extensions cords. Attached to the outlet door was the platform that would hold the seed and water dispensers. The platform was designed to fold up on a hinge. Clothesline cords held the platform a short distance above the aviary floor, so the kraft paper could be easily slid out from underneath every day without needing to move anything on the platform. Because this platform was located below perches, we installed a Plexiglas canopy to protect the food from droppings. Our original design had this platform against the outside wall, but by putting against the back wall we were able to contain most of the spilt seed and seed husks to the inside of the aviary.

Another platform was installed in one corner to hold the quail sandbox. We decided to hold off on installing the other platforms for the time being because we currently have no need for them.

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Food Platform
The outlet door and the platform for the seed and water dispensers. A Plexiglas canopy protects the food from droppings.
Food Platform, Folded Up
The platform was installed on hinges so that it could fold up for cleaning beneath it.
Corner Platform
A platform was installed in the corner for the quail sandbox. This platform is not located directly below any perches.
Corner Platform, Folded Up
This platform also folds up for easy cleaning of the floor beneath it.
Food Platform, with Food
The platform in use. Fresh food is placed to the side, in a location not beneath any perches.

Instead of using millet holders, which I find frequently do not hold the millet well, I attached the millet to select perches using twist ties. Greenery was added inside the aviary to give it a warmer and livelier atmosphere. I used branches removed from a silk ficus tree and stapled them to the walls with a staple gun. The branches were attached above the perches and I made sure they were secured to the wall so that the finches could not land comfortably on them (so that they would not be as likely to become soiled with droppings). I added craft butterflies to some of the branches and attached Wallies wallpaper cut-outs in the shape of birdhouses to the walls near the silk branches. Suddenly, the aviary seemed full of warmth.

Millet Spray on a Branch

Millet was attached directly to the perches with twist ties.

Decorations 1
Silk branches, craft butterflies, and Wallies wallpaper cutouts finished out the aviary.
Decorations 2
Another view of the greenery.
Decorations 3
Bird's eye view through the aviary.

Shades were then installed, dividing the aviary in thirds so that I could section off the area I am cleaning so that the birds cannot enter. In addition, a shade was mounted over one of the center doors so that I can pull it down 2/3 of the way when I have someone come in to feed the birds for me (eg, when I am on vacation). I find people are more comfortable opening the doors if the top of the doorway is covered, even though I rarely ever have any escapees.

Divider Shades

Shades divide the aviary into thirds to keep the birds out of the section I am cleaning.

Door Shade
A shade was mounted over one of the doors, to make it easier for others to provide fresh food and water when I am gone.
Door Shade, Pulled Down
The door shade, pulled down to make it easy to swap food and water containers in and out.
Finally, the webcam was attached to the aviary front and wired to go!

Finally, greenery was added outside the aviary, and it was ready to welcome the birds!

Finished Aviary 1
Finished Aviary 2


Silk Butterflies - most of the silk butterflies did not last very long in the aviary. The birds found it fun to tear their wings to shreds. However, the ones on the outside of the aviary, attached to the ventilation panels are still thriving ;) !

Webcam - TeVeo, the company that created the webcam software I used to use, is no longer in existance. The software still worked, but it was constantly trying to connect to TeVeo's site, which is no longer there. For this reason as well as others, we decided to upgrade to a network camera, the Axis 205. This camera now replaces the logitech camera shown above.


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Extra pieces of wood

No add'l cost

Small piece of plexiglas

Plastic clothesline
Window shades
Branches from a silk ficus tree $29.95
Silk/plastic vines and greenery $42.93
Craft butterflies


Wallies birdhouse cutouts $9.95
Webcam and active extension cables
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